In einer futuristischen Gesellschaft sichern sich zwei sexy junge Frauen die Gunst der politischen Elite. Aber als einer der politischen Führer mitten in einem sexuellen Akt ums Leben kommt, müssen die Frauen die Leiche irgendwie verschwinden lassen…

„In this sci-fi-action-horror hybrid, Majolie and Chouchou, navigate a sordid world where sex, money, politics and death perniciously overlap. Young, attractive, fashionable and lethal, they are on a mission to change the destiny of their country. Reveling in its display of excess, committed to aesthetics of cool, Les Saignantes is one of the first science fiction films to come out of Africa.“ (African Film Festival New York)

CM 2005, R: Jean-Pierre Bekolo, D: Adèle Ado, Dorylia Calmel, Joséphine Ndagou u.a, L: 94 min., FSK: ab 18

Über Les saignantes:

„At first glance, one might well wonder if Les saignantes is a pedantic fantasy or if it really carries meaning. But, looking closer, its originality explodes. Beyond appearances. Les saignantes isn’t the result of an imagery that can be reproduced endlessly, whose mercantile intentions the video clip and advertizing reveal. On the contrary, this astonishing, provocative, impertinent, fun and perfectly paranoiac film develops a real poetry using codes that can be recognized by the very enthusiasts of imagery: young people. Poetry because it is a rewriting of it, not only in its aesthetics but in the way it renews and reconstructs Africa’s image and more precisely that of the African city.“ (


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